PET Strap Extrusion Machine

PET straps extrusion machine



PET Straps Extrusion Machine Line consists of dehumidifying and crystallizing system, extruder, screen changer, mold, oven, embossing device, haul-off machine and winder, etc. 

Production Process
Material→ Dehumidifying and Crystallizing → Extruding → Mold → Cooling → Haul-off →Oven Heating →Pre-heating → Drawing and Stretching →Drawing and Stretching → Embossing →Hot Forming → Drawing → Winding


Our PET straps extrusion machine with 100% bottle flakes recycled material, to produce various specifications of PET strap. It has been widely used in steel, chemical industry, aluminum, paper making, brick kiln, tobacco, electronics and textile and timber industries.

PET plastic strap not only has high stretching resistance, but also has light weight. It has been ratified that specific gravity coefficient of PET strap is 1.38; while the steel bundled belt is 7.8.Therefore length of PET strap is 5.6 times of steel bundled belt with same weight, width and thickness. 
1. With 100% bottle flakes recycled material to produce directly, 30% reduction in the cost of production 
2. The drying system designed specially, according to PET molecular chain structure, uniform drying, crystallization viscosity, produce strap with high tensile strength, no split crack 
3. Shaping oven, eliminate prestress, no bend, uniform size, achieve automatic packing level 
4. Easy operation, convenient maintenance, the labor and the electricity cost is low

Market prospect:
In 2006, PET strap, because of its easy application, beauty, safe, low practical cost, is gradually applied across industries .It is predicted that in the next few years, it will rapidly increase at an annual rate of 80% or more. As a kind of international advanced technology products, PET strap is growing fast in the international application market, and has a huge space for development.