PET Zipper Monofilament Machine



PET Zipper Monofilament Extruder Machine is actually PET filament extruding machine
It consists of dehumidifying and crystallizing system, extruder, screen changer, Meter pump, mold, haul-off, oven, and winder, etc. 


Production Process
Material→ Dehumidifying and Crystallizing → Extruding → Filter→ Metering→ Mold → Cooling→ Haul-off →Oven Heating→ Haul-off→ Oven heating→ Haul-off → Glazing → Shaping → Haul-off→ Winding

With 100% bottle flakes recycled material, to produce PET monofilament, like zipper filament, brush filament, Christmas tree filament, fishing net wire, construction fence wire, etc. 

1. With 100% bottle flakes material, or mixed with PET raw material
2. New technology, hot wind cycles to dry, increase the viscosity of the bottle flakes material; secondary stretching, increase the tensile strength and elasticity.
3. Precise and energy saving temperature control system, power saving, low noise, low input and high yield
4. Single screw extruder, compared with low degradation of twin-screw extruder

5. Easy operation, convenient maintenance, the labor and the electricity cost is low